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Ok, so you were told you are to be moved to the Dominican Republic….To the what?

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Now, there are two things that could have happened, one: you are one of the few lucky ones that had the chance to choose your destination, ergo, you know where you’re headed too and long for the beautiful white sandy beaches you have always dreamed of, or two: You have no clue of what they’re talking about and again two other things will happen, one: you run to look for that high-school Atlas that once served as your best friend in your Geography classes, if you still have one of those of course, or two, and we are sure this is the most certain possibility, you run to “google” your new destination:  www.google.com – Dominican Republic – Search

1,954,303 results ….“Huh!” not bad, half of an island in the middle of the Caribbean, endless summer days surrounded by Piña Coladas and Bananamamas, wearing shorts and sandals to work and why not, you and your computer on the beach of the city with that steel drum music playing softly in the back. What else could you ask for?

Beach at Punta Cana | Playa en Punta Cana

Beach at Punta Cana | Playa en Punta Cana

Then you run to tell your family, friends and pets about your new destination:

– “The Dominican Republic? Really? Oh you are so lucky, my good friend Maria just returned from Punta Cana and she says it’s Paradise, friendly people everywhere, amazing turquoise sea and beautiful sunsets with the warm breeze hitting your skin…” – at the same time they’re counting the days for you to leave so they can get ready for their next vacation and guess where!

– “You are going where? To the Dominican Republic? Oh no honey, too many hurricanes in the area, heat all year round, haven’t you heard about Dengue?…Did you already take the job? – Well mom, it’s not like I have an option”.

Well, be it that you are being sent to the Dominican Republic or that you sent your self out here by choice, we just want to make your transition a little bit easier and provide you with some information from the inside that will help you to have a smooth landing and absorb the new life that awaits you in our country. And it’s not that you will not have those beautiful sandy beaches you’ve seen in the pictures and the sweet Piña Coladas you have tried to make following the exact instructions of your “101 tropical beverages” book while preparing for your moving to the DR, it’s just that if you are to live in Santo Domingo, the closest beach is located 35 minutes away and instead of the exhilarating mix of coconut milk, rum and pineapple juice you’ll most likely be offered “una vestida de novia” which you will come to realize is an almost frozen beer. You will certainly hear the steel drums, sure, if you were living in Jamaica! Instead, we will delight you with our güiras and tamboras and you will definitely have to leave your shorts and sandals at home only to wear a tie and a suit to work, if you don’t want to freeze, because, oh yes you are right,  it seems like the thermostat’s switch has been glued to the ON position and the air conditioning units will not go above 18C at your office.

All this and many other things you will read in this guide are part of our culture and we do want to say when we see you again: “We told you so!”. We just want you to have fun, learn about our culture so you can understand it and absorb it, that way we guarantee you and your family will have the most wonderful experience of your life while working and living in the Dominican Republic.

We hope you enjoy our blog and please, don’t keep it a secret, share it with others, let them know about it and also let us know what we’re missing. That way we can only enrich this source of information for newcomers for years to come.

Claudia Pardo | Relocation Specialist
RE/MAX Líder | Santo Domingo, DR

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