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Welcome to the QR Code concept.

QR Code Living in Santo Domingo

Living in Santo Domingo - Facebook page QR Code

Are you familiar with this image? Chances are, its something you’ve already seen and used, but for all of you who wonder what this odd looking figure means, welcome to the QR Code concept.

A Quick Response (QR) Code is a sophisticated bar code system that allows for the storage of a large amount of information in a 2D format. Such information can then be transmitted as an image through any visual media, be it digital or physical, for people to access. It can also be printed on almost any surface, allowing for its promotion and interaction with potential users.

Originally developed in 1994 for tracking car parts in the automotive industry, it has slowly shifted into playing an active role in the global retail market. Considered as a highly interactive tool for reaching out to consumers, it has been adopted by companies for use in product promotion, sales
and marketing, as well as, in handling consumer relations.

But how exactly does a QR Code work?

QR Codes are often referred to as the means that enables a connection between the physical and the digital world.
For a practical example, let’s say we want to promote our Facebook page: “Living in Santo Domingo”, for all the people that follow our blog to visit. We’d have one of two options. One would be to ask all of them to look us up and join in Facebook. The other would be for them to type or copy the following link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Living-in-Santo-Domingo/205148896177528 , into their browser.  But both would be quite complicated and much less of a spontaneous and enjoyable experience for our users. Instead, by generating a QR Code for our Facebook page’s link, an image can be scanned instantly and effortlessly by users with any mobile device such as a Blackberry, Iphone or Android phone. When scanned, the QR Code redirects the browser to the specified link without having to type or search, all coveniently from the palm of our hands, regardless of your location. The best part is that the process takes seconds and is as simple as taking a picture!

Considering the large number of existing mobile devices in our market and its growing numbers, the QR Code is starting to be embraced locally. In Santo Domingo, two companies have already started to promote access to their websites or links for users to register or access specific information.  Scotiabank for example, is using exterior advertising of a QR Code that enables passersby to access a custom link. Once there, users register their name and email in order to receive information on future promotions from Scotiabank. On the other hand, Intras, a specialized institution which provides educational services for business executives in Santo Domingo, incorporates a QR Code in their course and seminar brochures. This enables users to access detailed seminar information, instantly and hazzle free.

With other companies and service providers joining in, The QR Code concept will most likely expand its presence in our market in the short term. First of all, it’s free for companies to generate them and for users to download the apps that allow for their scanning. Second of all, potential prospects already have mobile devices with them.
The challenge only lies in spreading the word out, for people to realize what they are and how they work. We hope to have ignited the spark of your curiosity. If so, write back and we’ll explain how to generate and scan QR Codes. We’ll forward you the websites that will allow you to generate QR Codes for your business or social media and download the apps to scan them for free!

Jose Castillo
Relocation Specialist | RE/MAX Líder

  1. Jeff t
    07/04/2011 at 5:50 pm

    This a very new concept here in the uk. A greatly informative piece. I’d like to know more.

    • 12/04/2011 at 10:37 pm

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for reading our blog, we hope to keep the content fresh and interesting.
      Regarding your inquiry for more information on QR Codes, you can access the following website: http://qrcode.kaywa.com , where you can generate your own QR Codes for any URL you choose, free of charge.
      Regarding a QR Code Reader that will allow you to scan QR Codes, you would need to search through your mobile phone´s Apps platform and search for ¨Free QR Code Readers¨. I have a BlackBerry Bold and downloaded the QR Code Scanner Pro from the Jared Company. Although it works well with QR Codes printed and scanned off computer monitors, it doesn´t scan well off mobile devices, such as smart phones.
      You can download it an give it a try, or search for other scanning Apps offered in your Apps platform.
      Hope this gets you started off with using this very versatile technology. If you have any more inquiries let me know. In any case, drop me a line to see how this website and App worked for you.
      Good Luck!
      Jose Castillo

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