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Your Electricity Contract in Santo Domingo: What you should know.

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Moving into a new home should always be a rewarding experience and taking away the stress from arranging those new contracts, for services and utilities, makes it even more pleasant. That’s why we will provide you with an easy way of getting one the most important ones installed, your electricity service. May you be a proud owner or a new tenant, a savvy local or a curious foreigner, the good news is that the process is fairly simple and similar in all cases.

The first thing you should do is to put together all the documentation and information that will be required by the energy company (Edesur*). For doing so, you will need the following:

  1.  Your ID ( Locals should provide a copy of their ¨Cédula de Identidad¨, while foreigners should provide a copy of their  passport).
  2. A copy of your Purchase Contract or Rental Contract. In both cases, such contracts must be notarized.
  3. The exact address of the property where the service will be installed.
  4. A phone number where you wish to be contacted.
  5. A nearby NIC ( ¨Número de Identificación de Contrato¨). This is a reference number of an existing contract at or near the property where you are requesting the service to be installed. This will help pinpoint the location, allowing for a quicker inspection and activation of your service.

Having all this information at hand will expedite your request and speed up the installation process.

Once you have this information organized, you will be ready to call in order to request your energy service contract. By calling the number (809) 683 9393, option 2, you’ll get in contact with a representative that will process your request over the phone. This will spare you the inconvenience of driving over to the commercial office, taking a number and waiting for hours to be called upon.

Have in mind that most, if not all, representatives are Spanish speakers. Should you not be able to conduct a proper conversation in Spanish, have someone request the service for you, always providing the information of the person under whose name the Purchase Contract or Rental Contract appears.

After providing all the requested information over the phone, the representative will give you a Service Order Number (¨Número de Orden de Servicio¨).  Keep this number at hand, since this will be your energy contract record and you´ll need it for future reference. You will be asked to call again ( 809 – 683 9393, option 2 ) within 24 to 72 hours to verify if the order has been processed and completed. Once you call and are told that your Service Order is ready, the person under whose name the Purchase or Rental contract appears and under whose name the energy contract has been requested, should visit the commercial office of Edesur, to sign the service contract. If you are not able to go in person, you can have somebody else do it for you, but this person will need to provide a notarized authorization letter in which you appoint such person for signing the contract on your behalf. Keep in mind that the service will not be installed until you sign the contract.

Edesur has two main offices. One is located at the corner of Tiradentes Avenue and  Carlos Sánchez Street , in Naco and services the downtown area of Santo Domingo. The other one is located at the corner of Bolivar Avenue and Caonabo Street, in Los Cacicazgos. Please refer to the map for easy guidance.

Edesur in Santo Domingo

Commercial offices of Edesur in Santo Domingo

When you arrive at the commercial office, ask for a waiting ticket in order to complete your energy service contract. Be sure to bring your ID and a copy of your notarized Purchase or Rental contract since once you meet with the representative, he will ask for these documents. He will also ask for you to fill out a form stating the equipments and appliances installed at the property. From the information you provide, a computer software will generate the amount of the deposit to be paid for your energy contract. The more detailed information you present, the higher the deposit you will be asked to pay in your first bill. Keep in mind that this deposit will be reimbursed when you cancel the service.

Once the paperwork is completed and you have signed the energy service contract, you will have the activation process completed within 24 to 48 hours. Be sure to verify with the representative that your contract type is “Tarifa BTS-1” (¨Baja Tensión Simple Residencial¨).  This contract type will bill you only for the energy you have used throughout the billing period. If your contract ends up being “Tarifa  BTD” , you will have to pay for a fixed base amount, additional to your energy consumption during the billing period. There is a reason for this. This contract type bills you not only for the amount of energy used, but for the ability of the appliances and equipments in your property to exceed a 10 Kilowatts peak at any given time. This is usually called  “Potencia Instalada” (Installed Capacity).

In some cases, you can negotiate with Edesur to allow you to install a “Limitador de Potencia”  in order to keep the property´s  energy consumption below a 10 Kilowatt peak, at any given time. The only downside to this, is that such equipment can cost nearly US$3,000 and in many cases Edesur is reluctant to agree to having them installed.

In the event that you need more specific information on this matter, contact us and we will provide you with more detailed information.

We hope that this has been a helpful guide for helping you arrange your new energy service contract. If you do have any questions or inquieries, please feel free to drop us a line!

Jose Castillo
Relocation Specialist | RE/MAX Líder

* Edesur is the electricity company serving the area of Santo Domingo (To the west of Avenida Maximo Gomez) and the provinces located on the southwest side of the Dominican Republic (www.edesur.com.do).  For other areas of the country please refer to Edenorte (www.edenorte.com.do) and Edeeste (www.edeeste.com.do).

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